In the tradition of the costume dramas serials that captivate millions comes this episodic story of the lives and loves of three friends in Victorian England. 

Brynthwaite, Cumbria – 1895. Three men who were raised as close as brothers at the Brynthwaite Municipal Orphanage have returned home after making names for themselves in the world.


The Brynthwaite Boys

Season One: Episodes 1-4

Episode One – A Promising Start:

After leaving Brynthwaite 15 years earlier, Jason Throckmorton has clawed his way to the top of the business world, making a name for himself as a hotelier. Now he is building a luxury hotel in Brynthwaite to draw wealthy tourists to the Lake District. But his real designs are on Lady Elizabeth, the woman he has obsessed about since he was a boy. Jason has a dark secret, though. But help comes in the form of the clever and insightful Flossie Stowe, a maid Jason hires to work in his hotel—a woman who harbors secrets of her own.

Dr. Marshall Pycroft left Brynthwaite to become a doctor, making a name for himself in London. When Brynthwaite Municipal Orphanage was converted into Brynthwaite Hospital, he returned home to head it, taking his London wife and three daughters with him. Marshall has his hands full between the understaffed, under-funded hospital and his shrewish, overbearing wife. Until Dr. Alexandra Dyson, a lady in her own right as well as a qualified doctor, ask to work with him. But Alexandra’s mother has other plans for her disobedient doctor—plans that could land the hospital in hot water.

Lawrence Smith never truly left Brynthwaite. As the local blacksmith, he plays a pivotal role in town, but as a well-known hedonist and reputed practitioner of old, pagan ways, he is both a subject of fascination and speculation. When a mysterious woman arrives on his doorstep with no memory, speculation runs rampant. How long will it take before her past catches up to her and puts Lawrence in danger?

Episode Two – A Dangerous Corner:

Still without her memory, Matty begins to adjust to Lawrence and the forge. Though haunted bits of her past assail her, she feels safe…but for how long?

Alexandra has at last found a way to be happy in her new home in Brynthwaite. She and Marshall get along perfectly as colleagues at the hospital. But all that is threatened when Lady Charlotte suspects that Alex has deceived her. Meanwhile, Marshall has family problems of his own…problems that throw his entire family into chaos.

At the hotel, Jason is beside himself as one thing after another goes wrong, and all when Lady Elizabeth is only minutes away from paying him a visit. Flossie is quick to find solutions to each problem the hotel faces, but in doing so, she creates a problem that Jason might not be able to fix.

Episode Three – A Difficult Decision:

As Brynthwaite expresses its condolences to Marshall, a new threat looms on the horizon which could put his grieving family in greater danger. Alexandra is able to fill in for him at the hospital, but her mother announces plans that promise to throw her into romantic turmoil…

Jason shares the secret of his mysterious illness with Lawrence, but when Flossie overhears his confession, she is presented with an opportunity that could either save her or damn her…

Lawrence may have vowed to keep Matty safe, but his enemies in Brynthwaite have other plans for her…

Episode Four – A Grand To-Do:

All of Brynthwaite comes out in style for the Grand Opening of The Dragon’s Head, but will Jason and Flossie be ready in time…

A figure from Lawrence, Marshall, and Jason’s past arrives with information that could spell disaster for Matty…

Alexandra’s mother attempts to draw her into romantic intrigue, but when Marshall comes to her rescue, he finds his heart on the line…

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Some steamy content, but mostly what would be considered “sophisticated situations” (as my mom used to say).


The Brynthwaite Boys

Season One: Episodes 5-8

Episode Five – A Woman’s Heart:

The balance of power begins to shift at The Dragon’s Head, but a challenge to Flossie’s position threatens to expose her arrangement with Jason…

As Matty’s memory returns, her relationship with Lawrence causes problems…

Just as Alexandra is growing fonder of Marshall, a man from her past shows up to put her heart and her world in jeopardy…

Lady E. and Polly show their true colors as they maneuver through Brynthwaite and its politics…

Episode Six – An Investigation of Motives:

Jason’s past catches up with him, threatening to undo the progress he and Flossie have made. Meanwhile, Flossie stumbles across a surprising new way to control him…

What begins as a means for Marshall and Alexandra to grow closer drives a wedge between them—a wedge named George Fretwell…

Lawrence makes a trip to Grasmere in an attempt to discover Matty’s identity, and finds far more than he bargained for…

Episode Seven – A Plan Gone Awry:

Jason’s past catches up with him, threatening to undo the progress he and Flossie have made. Meanwhile, Flossie stumbles across a surprising new way to control him…

What begins as a means for Marshall and Alexandra to grow closer drives a wedge between them—a wedge named George Fretwell…

Lawrence makes a trip to Grasmere in an attempt to discover Matty’s identity, and finds far more than he bargained for…

Episode Eight – A Life Interrupted:

When Alexandra’s affair with George comes to an abrupt end, it leaves her too devastated to see that Marshall is on the verge of losing his girls to Clara’s family…

Matty may be safe in the forest for now, but as Lawrence goes on the offensive to prove her innocence, more lives are in danger than just hers…

When Jason rushes off in search of the missing Pycroft girls, Flossie is paid a visit by an unlikely potential ally, who hints that her relationship with Jason is not as secret as she would wish it to be…

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Some steamy content, but mostly what would be considered “sophisticated situations” (as my mom used to say).


The Brynthwaite Boys

Season One: Episodes 9-12

Episode Nine – A Turn for the Worse:

Marshall’s worst nightmare comes true when Eileen tips her hand and reveals Clara’s family has set him up from the beginning. Meanwhile, Alexandra is stuck dealing with her own worst-case scenario…

Lawrence has a run-in with the law that proves just how precarious his and Matty’s positions are…

Flossie learns the truth about her family, but she has bigger problems on her hands when Jason succumbs to influenza and their secret unravels…

Episode Ten – A Confession of Love:

Jason recovers from his bout with influenza only to find the truth about him and Flossie has come out and his whole world has changed, but as troubling as that is, his true crisis comes when Flossie succumbs to illness…

Marshall returns empty-handed from London only to pour out his sorrows to Alexandra, along with an unintended confession that rocks the foundation of their friendship…

With Hoag setting fire to random houses around the woods, Lawrence decides they have no other choice but for Matty to turn herself in to face trial. But will they find the evidence to prove her innocence in time?…

Episode Eleven – A Crisis Point:

After receiving a clandestine visitor while in prison, Matty discovers a way to prove her innocence, but can Lawrence rescue the sole witness in time? …

Marshall is given a chance to save his girls, but it could come at a price. Meanwhile, Alexandra receives news that could take her away from Brynthwaite forever…

With all of their secrets out in the open, Flossie and Jason face a new challenge at the hotel, but it is not half as shocking as the scheme Lady Elizabeth concocts for the three of them…

Episode Twelve – A Question Answered:

Matty’s trial takes place, but when the surprise witness appears, pandemonium breaks loose. Will Matty be found innocent?

At Lady Charlotte’s wedding, Alexandra is ready to resign herself to her fate, when Marshall proposes a plan that could save both of them. Will she say yes?

The Dragon’s Head Hotel prepares to be turned upside down and put back together again in its new order as Jason and Flossie contemplate changing their lives. Will they take Lady Elizabeth up on her offer?

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Some steamy content, but mostly what would be considered “sophisticated situations” (as my mom used to say).


The Brynthwaite Boys

Season Two: Episodes 1-4

Episode One – A New Day:

Jason and Flossie attempt to navigate their deal with the Devil…also known as Lady Elizabeth Dyson, who proves to be more of a challenge than they expected. Lawrence has his hands full as Matty’s troubled siblings turn his life upside down. Marshall gets what he’s wanted all along, but will he and Alexandra have second thoughts?

Episode Two – A String of Consequences:

Marshall and Alexandra attempt to navigate their new life, but is their unfortunate patient, Winnie, as innocent as she seems? A chance encounter with a band of Romani leaves Lawrence questioning everything he knows about his past…and could give him the answers he’s always craved. Lady E continues her shenanigans, but will her demands drive Jason back to his old ways, or can Flossie redeem him before it’s too late?

Episode Three – A Happy Discovery:

Jason and Flossie are overjoyed when they receive the good news they’ve been hoping for, but how will Lady E feel about it? How will Alexandra cope when she receives the same news, and will it destroy her relationship with Marshall? Lawrence’s anxiety about money take a backseat as news of a murder reaches him and Matty.

Episode Four – A Parting of Ways:

The Christmas season brings more worry than joy as Marshall and Jason prepare to depart for London. Flossie receives a letter that may mean more trouble in the New Year. Alexandra too receives a letter that could change everything, including her heart. Matty and Lawrence discover, to their horror, that they aren’t as safe from the past as they hoped they were.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Some episodes contain steamy, steamy content!


The Brynthwaite Boys

Season Two: Episodes 5-8

Episode Five – A World Without You:

With Marshall and Jason in London, Flossie and Alex are faced with hosting a charity event alone, and the results are not what they expected. Matty makes a discovery that sheds a whole new light on Mother Grace and who she might really be. Things go well for Marshall in London, but Jason’s old demons attack him with devastating results.

Episode Six – A Narrow Escape:

Marshall returns home, but his failure to reveal a key piece of information causes conflict in his household. At the same time, absence has made the heart grow fonder. Lawrence is handed an amazing new opportunity…just as an old foe makes his intentions known. Alex reaches a level of satisfaction with her new situation. And Flossie rushes to London to rescue Jason from himself.

Episode Seven – A Return to (Somewhat) Normal:

Jason deals with the consequences of his breakdown, particularly when it comes to facing Lady E and the future of their agreement. Flossie has a hard time taking it easy. Marshall takes action to end a dangerous situation with Winnie. Alex sees a patient that helps to drive home how blessed her life really is. Lawrence hears bad news from new friend, but it is Matty’s life that might be in danger.

Episode Eight – A Deadly Encounter:

Everyone combines forces to save Matty, but her life isn’t the only one in danger. Marshall and Alex fight to save Winnie’s life, which gives Alex’s mother a glimpse into her daughter’s choices. Flossie’s problems with her sister have only just begun. And lives will be changed forever after a death nobody foresaw.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Some episodes contain steamy, steamy content!


The Brynthwaite Boys

Season Two: Episodes 9-12

Episode Nine – A Spring Thaw:

As Jason and Flossie grow ever closer to the ridiculous wedding, they each form a new alliance that could change their futures. Alex finds her duties at the hospital harder to carry out, even as she finds she can rely on Lady Arabella. A surprise gift arrives at the Pycroft house just as Marshall makes a discovery about his past. Lawrence and Matty adjust to their new life post-Hoag…until a gruesome find in the lake.

Episode Ten – An Awkward Confrontation:

Marshall confronts his origins, Arabella comes out of hiding, and Lady Charlotte’s true involvement in the lives of the Brynthwaite folk all come to light just as a Scotland Yard inspector arrives in town, tipping everyone’s lives into confusion. Lawrence contemplates leaving Brynthwaite as the wives of the Silver Foxes of Westminster arrive at Jason’s hotel for an event.

Episode Eleven – A Life-Changing Choice:

Lawrence and Matty prepare to leave, but Mayor Crimpley has other plans. George Fretwell returns to town, demanding Arabella come back to him. Marshall contemplates drawing a line in the sand that would affect his entire family. Flossie has it out with Lady E on the day before the wedding as Jason receives an offer he might not be able to refuse.

Episode Twelve – A Wedding, Two Births, and a Goodbye:

The day of the wedding arrives and Lady E tries to keep Flossie away. Flossie and Alex both go into labor. Lawrence takes desperate action to help a friend. The wedding doesn’t go as expected when a startling revelation is made, and everything comes to a head in a climactic finale.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Some episodes contain steamy, steamy content!