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Saving Grace (Book 1)

The Terra Project is over, ended in one blast that scattered a handful of survivors through deep space. Grace Hargrove and her team—including Dr. Danny Thorne, the Project’s despised geneticist, the man she loves—find themselves stranded in the virgin landscape of a habitable moon. Two other escape pods crashed near theirs, one controlled by Brian Kutrosky, a conspirator convicted of attempting to sabotage the Project, and another led by the soldier known as Kinn, whose mission was to neutralize the threat Kutrosky presented.

In order to build a viable new world, the survivors must come together, but from the moment each group discovers the identity of the others, they are at war. With every conflict, every death, their chances of long-term survival decrease. The only hope of peace for the survivors comes at a terrible price for Grace. Her life hangs in the balance between the will of the man who loves her, the power of the man who wants her, and the secrets of the man who owes his life to her. But as Grace struggles to lead her people in building a new world out of the ashes of The Terra Project, the greatest danger lies in the hidden truth she carries with her.

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Fallen from Grace (Book 2)

Dr. Danny Thorne risked everything to save Grace Hargrove, the woman he loves, from the dark secrets of The Terra Project. He defied authority for her, let thousands of people die for her, and pulled every string possible to create the perfect world for her. But he lied to her and manipulated her, and in the end he lost her. He is left to struggle for his existence and the continued existence of the survivors of The Terra Project without her. Vengeance is coming. The forces of convicted conspirator Brian Kutrosky are on their way, and Kutrosky has made it clear that Danny will be the first to die when they arrive.

Hope is not lost. What begins with a confession and a sign on the horizon starts Danny on a path to redemption. He has one chance to win Grace back, one chance to prove that he shares her vision of a new, peaceful world and is prepared to sacrifice everything to actualize it. To do so, he must outwit the soldier Kinn—who holds Grace’s life in his iron grip—in a race to find and destroy the beacon that is drawing Kutrosky’s ship closer and closer to their moon. His life, Grace’s love, and the future of their fledgling civilization hang in the balance between self-sacrifice and the courage to kill who must be killed.