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Winterberry Spark

Book 1 of the Winterberry Park novellas

Nursemaid Ruby Murdoch has lived the hardest of lives, but she’s always managed to survive, even if it meant great sacrifice. But when the best thing that ever happened to her, being employed by Mr. Alexander Croydon as nursemaid for his son, James, ends up in jeopardy, she has no one to turn to…except the only man she’d ever truly loved, Mr. Croydon’s man of business, Gilbert Phillips.
Gil has also struggled against impossible odds to find his place in life. He fell in love with Ruby the moment he met her and was thrilled when the Croydons brought her into their protection. But after the catastrophic events that nearly tore the Croydon family apart, he isn’t sure if he can find it in his heart to forgive her. His head and his heart are constantly at war.
Until Gil is faced with the possibility of losing Ruby forever.
When love is pushed to its limit, only the powers of forgiveness and understanding can lift these lovers above the unfairness of the world and into each other’s arms.

PLEASE BE ADVISED – Steam Level: Very Hot

Winterberry Spark is connected to the full-length novel AUGUST SUNRISE, part of The Silver Foxes of Westminster series


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